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Creativity has been a thread through my whole life. I am a worrier but when I am being creative it takes my mind away from negative things to just enjoying the moment.

I am a fickle artist and as much as I try to stay doing the same thing I do like to try new ways to achieve something, its the playing that is enjoyable. I studied in Glasgow to be furniture designer and maker, I have done so many different art techniques over the years, including being a film maker and editor. At the moment I do a lot of watercolour and pen work and also dabble in ceramics. 

I believe any one can get enjoyment out of creative activity, when we start to think of it as the action that matters rather than the end result, the getting lost in playing with art or studying something in its every detail.

You will probably then find the end result is quite pleasing too. It is a warm glow when something you have created gives you joy and pride.

The most important thing anyone ever said to me about being creative came from my late art teacher and good friend Gail Wright she said:

"we are all processors of the world, it goes in through our senses and we process it into our art, therefore it is always different and can never be wrong" 

You can see my work on my website


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