Hi! I'm Nikki

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I have always been creative, it’s a big part of my DNA as is travelling and a love of nature. I am happiest outdoors exploring with my camera and a sketchpad, where I find beauty in what I see around me.
My passion for photography is the basis of my layered digital artworks, I am inspired by what I see in a nature and my photographic artworks are based on the experiences of wonder and beauty 
I see and feel in the moment and my art connects others to that feeling, bringing my love of design and photography as well as the joy and beauty of the moment into their homes.

I believe creativity brings us into the moment it’s a route to mindfulness through the meditation of focus…being in that moment and in the flow and for me its a way to come back to the essence of who I truly am without the stresses of life. Creativity allows the reconnection to self, it's a way for self care and clarity.

My background is in graphic design and a creative director, I am also a creativity and mindset coach. All of these roles have bought me to a place where I help others to find calmness and direction in their own lives and manifest their dreams whilst clearing their space of any limiting beliefs and finding a new path forward, mindset is key to success.

You can see my artwork here:

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